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Refreshments and snacks at West Bend Axe and Escape

When you're done escaping or throwing axes, you can indulge in a variety of beverages and snacks! For beer enthusiasts, we proudly feature a selection of local craft brews, showcasing the best flavors from local craft breweries. If you prefer traditional domestic beers, we have those too, ensuring there's something for every beer lover. Looking for something different? Try our refreshing selection of hard seltzers.

In addition to our beverages, we offer a variety of soda options and light snacks, including Emil's Pizza. Feel free to bring your own food or have it catered in to enjoy a full meal during your visit.

Cheers to great drinks and unforgettable adventures at West Bend Axe and Escape!

Menu - list of beers, soda, snacks
Can and bottle beers and drinks available to purchase
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