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Escape Room


Located inside of West Bend Axe & Escape

The Bartender is your guide on this unique escape room adventure.  Your bartender is there for you whether you need a drink, a hint, or an all-out clue. 

Escape Rooms are GREAT for a LOT of reasons.  Explore - Think - Solve - Celebrate.

  • Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties -  We have Axe Throwing, Escape Room, Beer Bar / Hard Seltzer and more.

  • Team Building - people are forced to work TOGETHER in a confined yet roomy space.  They must collaborate - think outside the box and apply their ideas.  HMMMM might those habits help your organization???

  • Date Nights - We can handle up to 12 people in this large room!

  • Family Gatherings.. really from 8 to 80 can play in an escape room.  It is a little humbling to have your 10-year-old figure things out before you!

  • Youth Groups - We do a lot of High School and College teams and organizations come in to think, solve and celebrate.

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